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Lead by our seasoned Operating Partner of the past two-plus decades, Tony Oquendo, and the whole Grillfish team, we now offer the fresh seafood we source and buy to prepare all our menu items and made it available through our NEW Seafood Market. In our market, you will find fresh fish, whole & filets, shellfish of every kind, prepared foods, sauces, dressings, and desserts as well as so much more right down to “Oysters kits” with gloves and shucking knives included.

As always, we remain 100% committed to only serving sustainable and the best seafood in DC, always prepared with your care and safety in mind first while following best protocols, so you can comfortably enjoy in our dining room or yours. 

See below a sample of the fresh seafood options available to you today!

Currently Available


Oysters* – Chesapeake Bay, Grasonville Md                                       .95 ea

Oyster Kits optional; Oyster knife, Gloves, lemons, Cocktail sauce & instructions  $9.50

Mussels# - Prince Edward Island                                                           2.50/#

Clams*, Little Neck - New England                                                          .50 ea  

Shrimp* (large 16/20) - Gulf of Mexico                                               9.95/#

Prawns* (U-10) - Texas                                                                         14.95/#

Scallops*(Dry -20-30) - New England                                                16.95/#

Calamari* (Tubes & Tentacles) -Rhode Island                                  6.50/#

Lobster* (av 1 ¼ - 1 ½) - Maine                                                            22.95 ea

Snow Crab Legs* (av 1# clusters) – North Pacific                           13.95/#


Arctic Char* - Iceland                                                                            14.00/#

Catfish*,"Blue" - Maryland                                                                    6.95/#

Haddock* - New England                                                                       9.50/#

Mahi  Mahi*- Costa Rica                                                                      18.50/#

Swordfish* - Canada                                                                             12.95/#

Salmon# - Canada                                                                                        8.95/#

Striped Bass# - Texas                                                               17.50/#

Trout# - (head-on, boneless, av 10oz) -Idaho                                   5.50 ea

Whole Branzino# (av 1- 1 ¼ #)- Spain                                                 11.95 ea

Mixed Grill Skewers- Mahi, Sword, Salmon Scallops & Shrimp      5.95/Skewer  

Prepared Fish 

Smoked Salmon # - Canada                                                                      7.50/  1/4#

Lobster Salad                                                                                        24.95/  1/2 #

Crab Cakes                                                                                                   7.00 ea          

*Wild Caught           # Farm Raised

All our Seafood is 100% sustainable

Other sizes are available on request. 

We can also supply any other type of seafood desired, if you don’t see it, please ask.